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Uday Chopra Thinks ‘Marijuana Is Part of Our Culture’ and Should Be Legalized

Uday Chopra is always the fun part of the Indian internet. Whether he’s the subject of some hilarious new meme, or the writer of a really cryptic tweet, Uday Chopra resurfaces every now and then as an Internet favorite.

Chopra also has a very active Twitter account, where he often expresses his views, like most people on the Internet. Only these views are sometimes a little – controversial – to say the least.

In a recent tweet, Chopra advocated the legalizing of Marijuana in India, calling it “part of our culture,” and stating how it has a “lot of medical benefits.”

He clarifies however, that he doesn’t use it, but feels like “it a wise move, given our history with the plant.”

Several people on Twitter were very confused, and wanted clarity on how exactly weed is “part of our culture.”

People also pointed out how legalizing weed might backfire – which sparked a completely different debate in itself.

And while Uday Chopra denies smoking weed himself, he often puts up tweets which could be easily mistaken as the musings and caprices of an extremely stoned person. Take a look at some of the more bizarre ones.

He even has the thoughts for his future which one would normally find very uncommon.

Perhaps, even though we can only speculate about what state of mind he was in when he wrote these tweets, we should adhere to the advice he gives out.

Well, you decide!

Updated: September 14, 2018 — 11:33 pm
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