Thai Court Awards Repatriation of D-Gang Associate to India

A criminal court in Thailand has ruled that a key associate of the D-Gang and underworld don Chhota Shakeel, is an Indian citizen and will be repatriated to India.

Sayyed Muzakkir Muddassar Hussain alias Mohammad Saleem alias Munna Jhingra has been behind bars in a prison in Bangkok since 2000. Since then, both India and Pakistan have been embroiled in a dispute regarding his citizenship, with both sides laying claim to the same, reports ANI.

According to the report, Jhingra entered Bangkok with a fake Pakistani passport back in 2000, where he was charged with attempting to kill Chota Rajan, an estranged rival of Dawood Ibrahim.

What Was the Dispute About?

Jhingra had the patronage of the ISI, as a result of which the Pakistan embassy had pushed for a reduction in his sentence. This was later brought down to 18 years.

The Pakistan authorities then went on to work on the extradition of Jhingra to Pakistan under the Prisoner’s Exchange Treaty between Pakistan and Thailand. This was greatly contested by India, who then filed a strong extradition claim, ANI reports.

The matter finally went to a Thai court. Although Jhingra was originally to be released in December 2016, the case was sub judice and hence, he was not extradited.

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What’s Happening Now?

On Wednesday, 8 August, the Thai court examined and upheld the fingerprint evidence that was submitted by India, which proved “beyond reasonable doubt” that Jhingra is an Indian national, ANI reports.

Additionally, the court also pulled up the lawyer appearing for Pakistan, for submitting “concocted” evidence.

Following the court’s verdict, both Jhingra and a Pakistani embassy officer present at the hearing reportedly became violent and even abused the judge.

As of now, Pakistan has 30 days to file an appeal, failing which Thailand has to repatriate the prisoner to India within 90 days.

(With inputs from ANI)

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Updated: August 8, 2018 — 11:23 pm

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