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Straight Outta ‘8 Mile’? Twitter Finds Similarities Between Ranveer Singh’s ‘Gully Boy’ and Eminem

Asli Hip Hop se milaye Hindustan ko,” Ranveer Singh raps in the ‘Asli Hip Hop’ trailer announcement for Gully Boy, standing in front of a crowd and hyping them up.

This may seem like a new concept for Bollywood: the story of a rapper who is from “the streets,” which in this case in Mumbai ki galiyaan, and is pictured the same way – low-income housing, crowded-streets, ordinary people, and constantly shot with hues of blue and red.

And, while, Ranveer Singh may be getting all the praise for rapping this ‘Asli Hip Hop’ tune and for being able to portray all kinds of ‘versatile’ characters, but social media has also pointed out how all of this may be new for Bollywood – it looks like a somewhat rip-off of Eminem’s story, 8 Mile. If you’ve not seen 8 Mile, the film is loosely based on American rapper Eminem’s actual upbringing, of how he went from poverty-stricken streets to become one of the top rappers in the industry.
Gully Boy, which literally translates to ‘Boy from the street’ has eerie similarities to the 8 Mile, including a shot of him hyping up a crowd in a dimly-lit nightclub, being almost identical.

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See the similarities?

Twitter also seemed to have caught up on it.

Whether the actual movie will be too similar to 8-mile, will have to be just speculation till the trailer releases on 9th January.

Updated: January 7, 2019 — 5:03 am
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