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‘Can’t Make a Choice, Can’t Not Make a Choice,’ Netflix’s Bandersnatch is Inspiring Indecisive Memes

Bandersnatch is officially taking over the Internet.

The latest ‘episode’ of Black Mirror is more than just a film – it is an interactive episode that lets you choose the storyline, similar to a multiple-choice video game. The user gets to dictate what the story will be.

This choice, however, is more than basic ones. While they start at ‘sugar puffs’ or ‘frosties’ then end at ‘Chop dad’s body’ or ‘Bury dad’s body.’ as you follow the protagonist, Stefan, through a long and harrowing process of making a videogame for ‘Tuckersoft.’ The ability to make choices, however, is messing up most users, classic Black Mirror style. Even if it is just the choice of breakfast cereal.

Indecision isn’t the only memes that people are coming up with.

Even Netflix is in on the game!

But decision or not – one thing is clear, it is certainly catching attention.

Updated: January 5, 2019 — 5:12 pm
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