Blooper or New Trend? JLo’s Denim Boots Had the Internet In Splits

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is known for her style and oomph. Be it her derriere defining short dresses or her diamanté studded body-con suits, JLo always manages to strike the right sartorial chords.

The singer was recently seen at the MTV Studios and Music Choice Headquarters in New York City in a short white shirt dress and her signature hairdo – hair pulled back into a sleek, long ponytail.

But what stood out were her blue denim Versace boots. And the reaction may not have been what JLo had probably been expecting. <!–

–> As soon as the images appeared, the internet could not help itself. True to its character, Twitterverse was immediately full of memes and comments, most of them unkind and critical.

Many speculated that the boots were in fact jeans.

Indian Twitter users also piled in with the memes. And some of them even J.Lo would have to agree are kind of hilarious.

But fans came to her rescue anyway, claiming J.Lo was a trendsetter and not a follower.

Hit or fail, the queen of sass still knows how to turn those heads.

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Updated: August 4, 2018 — 5:15 pm

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