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The Latest Annoying Prank is Sticking Fake Power Outlets at Airports, Leaving Passengers Angry

Because pranksters like to see the world burn.

The Latest Annoying Prank is Sticking Fake Power Outlets at Airports, Leaving Passengers Angry

Image credits: @Atrioc / Twitter


What is that one thing you search for when you enter an airport? Yes, barring the essentials such as looking out for a smoking zone and probably getting your luggage checked in at the earliest, it is that desperate hunt for a power socket to recharge our electronic devices before boarding our plane.

So what could possibly go wrong in this search?

Turns out, some pranksters like to see the world burn so they have decided to randomly put up fake power socket stickers on airport walls, doors, and even on bins. Why? Just to mess with bewildered passengers. <!–

–> To no one’s surprise, flyers are absolutely pissed.

When a flyer took to Twitter wondering what he will do in his transit time. Someone gave him this suggestion.

Who started this monstrous prank? A Twitter user by the handle @JustBasicDave claims that he pulled off the electrical socket prank last year.

A little digging on YouTube throws up several results, showing people attempting the prank long before in 2015.

Strangely enough, these fake power outlet stickers are being sold on Amazon for $6.99.

Or you could be a better citizen and install a real socket for $13.

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Updated: August 14, 2018 — 1:52 am
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