Parliament Turns Into Kindergarten as Congress MPs Fly Airplanes During Arun Jaitley’s Rafale Counter

New Delhi: While it is not uncommon to see Indian politicians acting like children during the Lok Sabha sessions, some Congress MPs behaved just like that on Wednesday when they flew paper planes at Arun Jaitley in Parliament.

The Finance Minister was in the middle of a heated speech regarding the Rafale debate. He was in the middle of countering allegations previously leveled by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi when Congress MP Sushmita Dev, along with other leaders, flew paper planes at Jaitley.

Once the commotion started, much like a school teacher, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan had to admonish the MPs and ask them to resist from flying the planes in Parliament. “What is happening? Did you not make paper air planes as a child? Are you a child or an adult now?’ a bewildered Mahajan asked, even as Jaitley waited to resume his attack on the Gandhi scion.

Mahajan went on to say that it was the Congress who had sought a discussion on Rafale and now they had to bear with it and listen till the end.

The airplanes started flying when Jaitley was explaining why India needed the Rafale jets. When the din subsided after Mahajan’s jibe, Jaitley remarked, “Maybe they are flying the airplanes thinking about euro fighters.”

However, according to a report in NDTV, Congress MPs defended the flying of the planes, stating that they only resorted to the act when the union minister started talking about Bofors and deviating from Rafale.

A video of the incident went viral on social media, with many criticizing the Congress MPs for their ill behaviour.

Mahajan also suspended 26 AIADMK MPs for ‘continuously coming to the well of the house and obstructing house proceedings’.

Updated: January 2, 2019 — 6:02 pm