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Mumbai Police Schools Uday Chopra on His “Legalize Marijuana” Tweets

The Internet is a great place. While it gives a voice to people who usually would not have the opportunity to speak up, it also brings to light what already influential people are saying.

Like Uday Chopra. The actor has a very active Twitter account, where he often expresses his views, like most people on the Internet. Only these views are sometimes a little – controversial – to say the least.

In a recent tweet, Chopra advocated the legalizing of Marijuana in India, calling it “part of our culture,” and stating how it has a “lot of medical benefits.”

He clarified however, that he didn’t himself use it, but felt like “it a wise move, (to legalize it) given our history with the plant.”

And while these tweets drew the speculation of several people on Twitter, it also seems to have gotten the attention of of those pledged to protect the law of the land.

Mumbai Police responded to the tweet stating, how Chopra was “privileged to express (his) view on a public platform”. However, the tweet asked the actor to be “mindful” of his words as at present, the “consumption, possession and transportation of marijuana, invites harsh punishment.”

Whether it was a warning for the actor against shooting his mouth, or a thinly-veiled statement that marijuana is probably not being legalized anytime soon in India, is again, debatable.

The Mumbai Police has been very active on Twitter, with their warnings against Momo and Kiki challenges, and recently, with their sassy take on literacy.

Updated: September 16, 2018 — 12:54 am
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