Move Over Deepika Padukone, Canadian Family’s Snow Woman Bride is Internet’s New Favourite

Move over Deepika Padukone, there’s a new bride in town and her name is Farah! While building snowmen is a popular winter pastime in the west, an Indian family living in Canada decide to give the good ol’ snowman a desi twist. They instead created a snow-woman and made her a gorgeous Indian bride!

That’s right. Farah, the snow-woman, or Frosty Aunty as she is variously been called, was built by an Indian family in Brampton, Canada. Images of the snow-woman were posted on social media with the caption, “Forget frosty the snowman, we got Farah the snow Jatti up in here”.

As it turned out, Farah the Snow Jatti became extremely popular real quick with many sharing the image. Many commented that it was a sign of increasing diversity while others complemented Farah on her sassy eyelashes and attitude.

Updated: November 21, 2018 — 9:02 pm