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Japanese Teenager Finished Race On Knees After Falling Midway, Twitter Unsure If It’s Dedication or Pressure

A Japanese runner has gone viral on the Internet after she broke her leg during a relay race but continued to crawl to the finish line so that her team could win.

Rei Iida, a teenage college student who was participating along with her team in a relay marathon in Fukuoka Prefecture on October 24, tripped and fell towards the end of her stretch, fracturing her right leg.
However, the determined runner chose to not give up and instead crawl to the finish line of her 2.2 mile stretch. Her team went on to win the marathon.

In the video, the runner can be seen crawling to the end while being escorted by a race marshal. Streaks of blood from her injured palms and knees can also be seen on the tarmac. But despite all odds, the 19-year-old runner decided to go on and complete the stretch, leading her team to victory.

A video of the incident was widely shared online with users praising the runner’s dedication.

However, not all were impressed by the girl’s compulsion to finish the race despite physical injury. Many said that the incident was proof of Japan’s punishing professional culture that puts a high pressure on individuals to succeed at all costs.

According to a report in The Telegraph, the incident has raised several eyebrows at about the race authority’s inability to stop Iida from running. After the race, the woman had to be taken to a hospital where she was diagnosed with a fracture in her right leg that would take over a couple of months to heal.

Updated: November 12, 2018 — 8:02 am
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