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In Photos: HBO Releases New Pics From Season 8 of Game of Thrones!

It’s almost here. And as if HBO was sensing our excitement, it decided to give us some serious goosebumps by taking out a few pictures from the upcoming and final season, Season 8 of fantasy serial drama – Game of Thrones!

Will Jon Snow and Daenerys be together in the Final Season?Will Jon Snow and Daenerys be together in the Final Season?(Photo courtesy: HBO)

One of the questions that’s been on every GOT fan’s mind since Season 7 wrapped up is – Will Jon Snow and Daenerys get together? By now, we know that Daenerys is technically Jon Snow’s aunt, as was revealed in the season finale which showed his mother, Lyanna Stark secretly marrying his father, Rahegar Targaryen, who happens to be Daenerys’ brother.

Will they find out? Will Daenerys now be threatened by Jon Snow, considering he may be the rightful heir to the throne?

Tyrion Lannister.Tyrion Lannister.(Photo courtesy: HBO)

And what about Tyrion Lannister? Arguably one of our favourite characters of the series- we last see him looking troubled as he realises that Jon Snow and Daenerys are now romantically involved.

Could he be letting on more than he knows?

Cercei Lannister.Cercei Lannister.(Photo courtesy: HBO)

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Oh Cercei. She’s burned more bridges than she can count – finally turning away even her own brother and lover, Jamie Lannister. Cercei and Daenerys’ epic showdown with a White Walker in tow – was possibly one of the most exciting episodes in the series.

But Cercei pulled a Cercei. Promising help to Daenerys and the other forces fighting the White Walkers, she tells Jamie later that she would much rather have the Walkers and her enemies destroy each other, while she stayed put on King’s Landing – leaving Jamie, her closest aide in disgust and turning away.

Jamie Lannister.Jamie Lannister.(Photo courtesy: HBO)

But what goes on in Winterfell? We know that Arya, Sansa and Bran Stark are reunited, and watched how they finally gave Little Finger a taste of his own medicine.

Arya Stark.Arya Stark.(Photo courtesy: HBO)

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Question is can they protect Winterfell from the onslaught of the White Walkers?

Sansa Stark.Sansa Stark.(Photo courtesy: HBO)
Bran Stark. Bran Stark. (Photo courtesy: HBO)

Also, and more importantly, will they finally be reunited with Jon Snow?

Lady Brienne of Tarth.Lady Brienne of Tarth.(Photo courtesy: HBO)

Not to forget the backbones of the series- Lady Brienne and Ser Davos- underrated but crucial to the plot of the story. What’s their next strategy, now that the Ice Dragon tore down The Wall?

Ser Davos.Ser Davos.(Photo courtesy: HBO)

A special mention to Samwell Tarly. Season 7 saw him grow into a strong and confident character- and we hope that he takes more of a lead in the final season. We’re rooting for you, Sam!

Samwell Tarly.Samwell Tarly.(Photo courtesy: HBO)

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Season 8, the final season of Game of Thrones, is scheduled to premiere on 14 April.

Updated: February 6, 2019 — 10:12 pm
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