How a Cat and Two Dogs Plotted to ‘Take Over’ an Apartment Building in Broad Daylight

A Twitter thread involving two enterprising dogs and one sly cat in an apartment recently gave netizenz a glimpse into what it would be like if the adorable 2001 film ‘Cats & Dogs’ were to become reality.

The saga unfolded on Saturday when two unknown dogs along with their cat friend turned up at New York-based writer and journalist John Paul Brammer’s door. Their ‘knocking’ brought him to the door and from there on, all four had a roller-coaster of a ride for the next few hours. “There’s a… cat and two dogs knocking on my apartment door? like inside the building what do I do,” Brammer tweeted, the first of many updates that were to come.

Unbeknownst to Brammer, the cat actually managed to slip in to his apartment without anyone noticing. In fact, it got quite comfortable with its new friend and wouldn’t leave.

Apparently, the pets lived in the floor above Brammer, who was extremely confused to find three well-groomed animals at his doorstep. Brammer documented the entire incident on Twitter and it was nothing less than a suspense thriller with an empty apartment, closed doors and broken locks.

After Brammer led the animals back up, he had a horrible realisation: THE DOGS COULD UNLOCK THE DOOR FROM THE INSIDE, ON THEIR OWN. After realising that the owners were not returning any time soon, Brammer decided to “hang out” with the animals in the hallway so that they don’t wander outside or get in trouble.

Brammer also posted videos of how the furry “masterminds” manged their escape each time he put them back in their home.

The writer made several attempts to ‘subdue’ the animals. But the dogs were too smart for his human shenanigans.

Despite so much action in the hallways, no other human was in sight in the entire building.

Brammer finally posts that he has taken all the animals in and that they are safe with him until the owners ofthe pets returned. He updated the thousands of Tweeples following the story that several people including pet owners had offered to help him and were on their way with reinforcements. “I really am kinda stressed bc I don’t want to do anything wrong by these animals! but at least one character in this messy cast is feeling pretty chill,” he wrote on Twitter.

The comedy continued for sometime. The playful animals were in no mood to rest after being energised by the naps. Even the new people who came to help Brammer out realised the tough task at hand.

He finally posted sometime ago that the owners of the pets have returned and the animals are now safe.

The viral thread kept people at the edge of their seats. Many commented on the ingenuity of the pets and how the thread helped them heal.

If this trio does not deserve its own movie, I don’t know who does anymore.

Updated: March 17, 2019 — 10:22 am