Honda’s Clever ‘Happy 2009’ Advert Aimed at Rivals Has Trolled ‘Vigilant’ Twitterati

Twitter is usually a vigilant teacher that corrects mistakes in real time. But a recent advertisement by Honda seems to have had Twitterati fooled.

On the first day of the year, Honda decided to release an advertisement in several leading newspapers.

Many did a double take as they took in the advert with most people falling for the trap and believing it to be an epic blunder.

However, what they did not realise was that the advert was not a blunder but indeed an ingenuous poke at Honda’s rivals. Many did not see the writing under the ‘Happy 2009’ which said: “We applied the combi-break system then, the industry is following suit today.”

Some people were smarter and caught the trick.

Looks like Twitterati did not quite look before they leaped this time.

Updated: January 4, 2019 — 12:32 am