German Debt Collectors Seized Family’s Pet Pug and Sold it on eBay Over Unpaid Taxes

In a bizarre incident that has sparked outrage among pet-keepers and a debate about animal cruelty, debt collectors employed by the German town administration seized a family’s beloved pug in response to unpaid debts and sold it on eBay.

A family of five including three children living in Ahlen, Germany, had fallen behind on their dues including a dog tax that they owed the town, the New York Times reported. When officials from Ahlen administration came to collect, they seized the thing most prized by the defaulting family — their female pug Edda.

The authorities seized the pug and sold it on eBay for a sum of 750 Euros. According to a report in Associate Press, the town has defended the confiscation and sale of the pug was completely legal and only happened after other non-essential household goods had already been confiscated. The husband and father of the three kids in the family had been rendered paraplegic after an accident. When the authorities first visited the family, they had intended to seize the man’s wheelchair. But instead settled on the pedigree pooch, the BBC reported, citing local media reports. However, the city has denied this, calling it a rumour, the report further clarified.
Nevertheless, the move to confiscate the pug has given rise to an intense debate about animal cruelty on social media with many, including animal rights activists, criticizing the decision to tear the family away from its pet was heartless.

According to reports, the pug’s new owner, a police officer named Michaela Jordan has complained that vital information about the pug’s health was withheld at the time of sale in December. She said that she had initially been suspicious of the low price at which she was getting a pedigree pug and that her fears may have been legitimate as in just three months, the dog has had four eye surgeries that have cost her almost €1,800.

Updated: March 5, 2019 — 1:33 pm