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George W Bush Handed Michelle Obama Candy Again, This Time at Bush Senior’s Funeral

Former US President George W Bush delighted fans and netizens on Wednesday after he was caught on camera handing a candy to former First Lady and Democrat Michelle Obama during his father and former President George HW Bush’s funeral.

The camaraderie between former the Republican President and wife of the two-time Republican President Barack Obama is no secret.

The two recently revealed their informal relationship in September when Bush surreptitiously passed a candy to Mrs Obama during the funeral of John McCain. And to everyone’s absolute delight, Bush repeated the same gesture at the 41st President’s funeral. In a photo that has since gone viral on social media, an earnest Bush can be seen reaching past current President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and Barack Obama to hand the candy to Mr Obama. As Bush walked up the National Cathedral during the solemn event, he can be seen taking a candy out of pocket and swerving to shake the hands of the Trumps and the Obamas, sitting together. The former First Lady can be seen looking pleased at receiving the candy, even as Trump’s face was twisted into what could possibly be a scowl. An unaffected Bush went on to shake the hands of the Clintons next.

Previously, Obama had said on NBC’ s Today Show that Bush was often her ‘partner in crime’ since protocol dictated they were ‘forever seatmates’ during official functions attended by the ‘formers’.

Social media was instantly all over the photo, with many people sharing their reactions,

In fact, even Bush’s critics ended up sharing the incident on social media.

Updated: December 8, 2018 — 1:23 am
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