Cats at the Musuem: Japan Gallery Has Been Fending Off Adorable Furry Invasion for Two Years

Love em or hate em, cats tend to get what they want. And even if they don’t, they keep trying till they succeed.

Speaking of feline fortitude, two cats in Japan have become world famous after videos of them trying to repeatedly enter a museum went viral. The cats have been trying to access the cultural hub for the last two years, only to be repeatedly denied entry.
According to The Guardian, it all began when Ken-chan, a black cat, firsct came to the attention of staff when he tried to sneak into the Onomichi city museum of art in summer 2016 during an exhibition of cat photography, but was prevented from entering by a security guard in a gentle standoff that was caught on camera. “I’m guessing that Ken-chan spotted some of the exhibits through the glass, and since the photos included those of black cats, he must have thought he had found a new friend,” the museum’s curator, Shinji Umebayashi, told the Guardian. “And then he just kept coming back.”
Clearly a determined kitty, Ken-chan brought in reinforcements, turning up accompanied by a ginger cat, which the museum staff named Go-chan. “I’d seen him around so we think he must live locally, but we’re not sure where, exactly,” Umebayashi said.

Over time, Ken-chan struck up a cordial rivalry with the museum’s security guard, who kindly but firmly continues to sends him on his way whenever he attempts to cross the threshold.

A post on the museum’s Twitter account from last month shows Ken-chan waiting patiently outside before making a bid for the entrance as the automatic doors begin to close. The guard springs into action, keeping his friend out of harm’s way.

Since the post went viral, people have begun flooding the museum’s social media accounts with requests to let the cats in to the museum. Because everyone needs a little culture in their lives.

Given that cats have nine lives though, we’re sure they’ll get in eventually.

Updated: November 18, 2018 — 4:42 pm