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Bollywood’s #MeToo: Kwan Founder Anirban Blah Asked to Step Down


Alok Nath Rejects IFTDA Notice; Association to Take “Strong Stand”

Actor Alok Nath has refused to respond to a notice issued to him by the Indian Film and Television Directors’ Association (IFTDA) regarding writer-director Vinta Nanda’s claim that he sexually violated her 19 years ago. IFTDA has now decided to take strong action against the actor.

IFTDA had sent a notice to Alok on 10 October based on a complaint by Nanda.

In response, Alok’s advocate Ashok Sarogi has told IFTDA that there is “no complaint at all made with any of the police authorities nor filed with any of the legal authorities” and that the notice has been served on the basis of “interviews and some complaints on social media”.

IFTDA President Ashoke Pandit told IANS on Tuesday: “We are calling a meeting to find a way… We will follow whatever is permissible under the law of our association, to protect our members.

“Yes, she (Vinta) did not complaint to the police, but she did complain to us. So we will take a strong stand.”

(Source: IANS)

Was Not Sexually Harassed by Reema Kagti: Mouni Roy Clarifies

A Twitter user claimed filmmaker Reema Kagti sexually harassed actor Mouni Roy on the sets of Akshay Kumar’s Gold. Mouni took to Twitter to clarify about the false allegations.

I was not harassed on the set of Gold by anyone. Director or otherwise. I wish this maligning would stop as it not only harassing me and Reema Kagti but also taking away from women that have truly been wronged.
Mouni Roy, Actor 

Abused at the Age of 5 and Rape at 14: Somy Ali Shares Her Traumatic Ordeal

Pakistani actor, Somy Ali has shared her traumatic ordeal on Instagram. Somy, who worked in Bollywood films in the 90s and dated Salman Khan, opened up about being sexually abused at the age of 5.

As a survivor of sexual abuse at the age of 5 and rape at 14, I would like to salute all those that have spoken up and plan on doing so. I know it is very difficult to do it because I have been there and it took me many years to be able to talk about it.
Somy Ali 

“I want these survivors to know it is truly liberating and completely worth it. Do not let the nonbelievers stop you. This is your truth. Do not ever be afraid to speak your truth. Do not let this opportunity pass you. This is a moment that has been long overdue for all of us. This is your chance to be heard and finally obtain justice. I believe you,” added Somy.

Somy had first spoken about her sexual harassment in 2015 in her autobiography.

Saqib Saleem Shares His #MeToo Story

In an interview with Hindustan Times, the Race 3 actor revealed his traumatic #MeToo chronicle. “I don’t want to take names, but when I started out as an actor – I was only 21 years old – there was a man who tried to assault me. He tried to put his hand in my pants…When it happened with me, I whacked the guy and I told him to mind his own f***ing business and I left. I was 21, and of course, it scarred me, but I moved on,” he said.

Revolutions, Inevitably, Have Some Collateral Damage Too: Varun Grover

On 9 October, Varun Grover has released a detailed statement denying the allegations against him. He has claimed that they are a defamatory tactic to silence his voice and hamper the #MeToo movement. Grover took to Twitter earlier to insist that the screenshot in question is “untrue, misleading, and defamatory to say the least”.

“Seeking closure”, the comedian and writer wrote, ‘Revolutions are beautiful. They are cathartic, powerful, necessary, and like #metoo  —  inevitable. And revolutions, inevitably, have some collateral damage too.Last week has been a whirlwind of sorts in my life. Amidst the distress and confusion, I have discovered the kind solidarity of many strangers. I was at the receiving end of an anonymous allegation that I know and can prove to be false. In the macro perspective, the wave is bigger and way more important than my isolated small case. Centuries of patriarchy and oppression have created a system that cannot be taken down through polite means.However, at the same time, my isolated small case does mean the world to me, my family and friends. It affects not just my mental health and professional life but my ability to take a social stand on every injustice I want to speak about.And therefore, I feel this earnest need to present my side even though no formal complaint has been filed against me. This closure is needed to maintain my own sanity.’

TV Actor Krystle D’Souza Comes Out in Support of the #MeToo Movement

“I think it is high time that women stand up for themselves and say things as it is because that is also important. The MeToo movement is great when it is all facts and truth. I think every case needs to be looked into and investigated, to know who is saying the truth and who is lying because people might misuse it as well. Once evidence is found, these men who have been harassing these women need to be punished and this should not be overlooked. This is serious, I am totally in support of all of it who are speaking up,” Krystle, the Belan Wali Bahu actor told Pinkvilla.

YRF Terminates Ashish Patil’s Contract After Sexual Harassment Allegations Emerge

Yash Raj Films has terminated the services of accused Ashish Patil, who was Vice President of Y-Films with immediate effect, as per a statement released on their official Twitter handle. YRF had earlier released a statement assuring the survivor that the strictest action will be taken “against the alleged perpetrator, if the allegations of sexual harassment are found to be true”.

A survivor shared a chilling account of alleged sexual exploitation at the hands of the Talent and Business Head at Yash Raj Films, Ashish Patil. She described an ordeal where Patil approached her for a role and allegedly “tried his moves and eventually got his way”. The screenshots of her anonymous account were shared by a Twitter user.

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IFTDA Issues Notice to Sajid Khan

“Your lewd and obscene actions have brought disrepute to the IFTDA.” The Indian Film and Television Directors’ Association also requires him to clarify his stance within seven days. If he fails to respond, an ex-parte decision will be taken, reports Mumbai Mirror.

Kwan Asks Anirban Blah To Step Down After Being Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Anirban Das Blah, the founder of Kwan Entertainment, has been asked to step aside from his duties, activities and responsibilities after sexual harassment allegations against the talent manager emerged. Kwan released a statement to support the #MeToo movement and gave details about the PoSH committee the company has set up.

Former clients and aspirants have come out with allegations against Anirban, one of the most renowned celebrity management companies. Four survivors spoke to Mid Day about their ordeals.

Statement by Kwan.Statement by Kwan.
He told me he wanted to introduce me to a top music label boss and producer. At that time, he was scouting for a fresh face for the sequel of a popular franchise. A few days later, he called me over to Taj Lands End for a meeting. When I reached the coffee shop, he gave me the number of his suite, stating that casting is done in bedrooms and not in public spaces. I blocked his number since then and am happy struggling for work every day
Survivors tells Mid-day

Another actor accused him of asking her if she would be willing ‘to be part of an unnatural sex set-up’. “He told me I have small breasts, and hence, won’t have a long run in the Indian market,” recounted another survivor. While another model says that she was asked to strip down.

Singer Sona Mohapatra Asks PM Modi To Stand Up for Women

You haven’t won an election to start with to be where you are Mr Akbar. Dear PM of India you have to sack this serial offender and as soon as possible. So many women telling their story of sexual harassment have nothing to gain from this. 50 per cent of your electorate is us. Listen to us, she wrote further. 

Singer Sona Mohapatra urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stand up for the “50 percent of his electorate” (women) amidst the raging #MeToo movement in the country. Mohapatra tweeted an article regarding Minister of State for External Affairs MJ Akbar, who has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Nobody Could Mess With Me, Get Away With It: Lata Mangeshkar

Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar believes every woman must be given the dignity she deserves. In the midst of the #MeToo wave in India, she says nobody could mess around with her and get away with it.

“I truly believe a working woman must be given the dignity, respect and space she deserves. If anyone denies her that space, he must be taught a lesson,” she said

Agree That He Was Obnoxious: Dia Mirza Weighs in on Sajid Khan

While speaking to India Today, Dia Mirza has expressed shock and dismay over the allegations against director Sajid Khan, with whom she worked in Heyy Babyy. However, she also admitted that she always knew that Sajid was obnoxious and sexist.

I was deeply disturbed. I agree that Sajid was obnoxious, extremely sexist and ridiculous. Even for me, the details of these accounts are beyond shocking. I have personally always have had a radar for such people. I have never invested in a relationship with such people even in the workplace.

Sham Kaushal Apologises For Sexual Misconduct

After action director Sham Kaushal was accused of sexual misconduct, he took to Twitter to apologise to all those people he has “unintentionally hurt”.

“Ever since I have been working in this industry I have tried my best to be a good human being personally and professionally, never wishing to hurt or disrespect anyone. I have read the allegations made against me by some crew members. If I have unintentionally caused any hurt or anguish, I unconditionally apologise to the ladies, to the production houses and each and every member of the film fraternity,” he wrote on Twitter.

Nameeta Prakash, who worked as an assistant director on films like Manorama Six Feet Under, Ab Tak Chhappan and Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd., has accused the stunt director Sham Kaushal of inviting her in his room during an outdoor shoot and showing her an MMS clip on his mobile phone.

Alok Nath Files Civil Defamation Suit Against Vinta Nanda

According to ANI, Alok Nath has filed a civil defamation suit against writer producer Vinta Nanda seeking a written apology and Re 1 as compensation. Nanda has accused Alok Nath of raping her 19 years ago.

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Defamation Suits Won’t Intimidate Vinta Nanda: Lawyer

Writer-producer Vinta Nanda will remain undaunted in her fight against the sexual violation she faced 19 years ago even if defamation suits come her way, her lawyer said on Monday, a day after actor Alok Nath’s wife Ashu Singh reportedly moved a court seeking a police probe into the Tara writer’s accusation.

Nanda has accused Alok of rape.

DhruTi M Kapadia, Nanda’s advocate, in a statement said they are going to fight out the matter legally, and said the “defamation proceedings are not served upon us as yet”.

“However and whatever the proceedings will be, we will deal with everything following due process of law,” Kapadia added.

(With inputs from IANS)

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Tahira Kashyap Shares Her #MeToo Moment

Ayushmann Khurana’s wife, Tahira Kashyap took to Instagram to talk about the #MeToo movement and how she shared her ordeal with the family rather than on social media.

Accused Ashish Patil Sent on ‘Administrative Leave’ by Yash Raj Films

An anonymous account named Ashish Patil, the Business Head of Y-Films in the #MeToo movement.

The YRF spokesperson told Times Now, “Ashish Patil has been asked to proceed on administrative leave till YRF thoroughly investigates the allegations levelled on him. YRF has earnestly requested the survivor to kindly step forward and share her account of the incidents to the Presiding Officer of our Internal Complaints Committee who would maintain utmost confidentiality. We seek her kind cooperation in the investigation so that we can appropriately address this issue. We are more than willing to extend our full support and cooperation to address this serious allegation. YRF has zero tolerance towards any form of sexual exploitation or harassment of women and we shall take the strictest necessary action against the alleged perpetrator, if the allegations of sexual harassment are found to be true.”

Shibani Dandekar Defends Farhan Akhtar Amid Sajid Khan’s Harassment Allegations

Amrita Puri took to Twitter to address the allegations made against director of Housefull, Sajid Khan. “It was fairly well known that Sajid Khan is a creep and is completely inappropriate as far as his conduct with women goes. I was warned to stay away from him if I ever came across him. I refuse to believe that it has come as a surprise to people from the industry or his family,” she wrote.

Farhan, who has been a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement gave her a sharp retort.

I deeply resent your insinuation that me or my family knew of his behaviour yet did nothing. Your anger is justified. Your conspiracy theories not.
Farhan Akhtar

Shibani Dandekar also defended Farhan after people on Twitter attacked him for Sajid Khan’s alleged misconduct. “So does that mean I support the behaviour of the culprit? Absolutely not .. it is horrific! Don’t paint everyone with the same brush is what i’m saying. Leave the innocent and focus on the guilty. He can’t be held accountable for something he didn’t do or know of. We need to focus on the girls and stop with the blame,” replied Shibani on Twitter to a user.

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