A Son Tweeted About his Sad Dad’s Empty Donut Shop. The Internet Knew What to Do.

The Internet can be a mean place but it does throw up heart-warming stories once in a while that make you want to be a part of it.

Remember when the six-year-old Teddy from Arizona invited his pals over for a birthday party and no one showed up? The good people of the web did and made Teddy an overnight social media star.

Now, a single tweet from a Texas doughnut shop owner’s son has left many with a sweet tooth. It all began with a Twitter post of a donut shop owner’s son. He shared photographs of his Dad’s new donut shop, the snaps showed a sorry state of the store, with no customers in sight and his Dad standing all alone behind the counter.
“My dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop,” wrote Billy who also attached photos of a deserted parking lot outside their newly-opened Texas store called “Billy’s Donuts.”

The post left Twitterati teary-eyed and they decided to do their bit – make Billy’s post go viral. At the time of writing this, his tweet has nearly 250K retweets.

YouTube star Casey Neistat was amongst the ones who rallied to spread the message.

Twitter’s official handle wasn’t far behind.

Noticing that his tweet had blown out of proportion, Billy attached the store’s address in a follow-up post and gave out their store timings for people to fetch donuts and baked goods they had on their menu.

What happened next will bring a smile on your face.

Billy’s dad was a happy man the next day after an overwhelming number of people showed up at their doorsteps and queued up to show their support.

In a matter of hours, the “Billy’s Donuts” was sold out.

Billy once again got back to his Twitter account and expressed his gratitude towards the community.

Billy also shared a photo of himself with his dad on their Instagram page and said that his dad wasn’t sad anymore.

Not just Twitter but Instagram too was filled with wholesome messages for Billy’s dad.

“I literally came to this account JUST to see where this was and if I could go buy some donuts to cheer your dad up lol. I’m glad he’s feeling better.”

“All the best to you and your family, and the business! We just stated a small online business so know where your coming from. Those donuts look awesome! :)”

“That’s why we love social media ! If I go to America one day i’ll make sure to visit your shop!(sic)”

“God bless your family and your business. Its wonderful to know that there are still amazing and compassionate people out there. God really works wonders. Greetings from the Philippines.”

Updated: March 11, 2019 — 12:12 pm