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A Bunch of People Are Gathering in the Heart of Delhi to Shout ‘Kiki, Do You Love Me?’

Just Delhi things.

A Bunch of People Are Gathering in the Heart of Delhi to Shout 'Kiki, Do You Love Me?'

File photo of Drake.


The #InMyFeelings challenge, or more popularly known as the ‘Kiki Challenge’ trend doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon. Just so you know, a bunch of people will gather in New Delhi’s Connaught Place on August 18 to shout “Kiki, Do you love me?”

Because, why not?

The challenge, which has gone insanely viral over the world involves people jumping out of moving cars to dance to Drake’s song, ‘In My Feelings.’ <!–

–> People in India also picked it up. Cops from Maharashtra, UP, Gujarat amongst other states soon issued out warnings to stop people from taking this challenge. Simply put, how fun the challenge may seem, it still puts safety in jeopardy. kiki event

But the host of the event is not worried about this. A moving car, an essential to take up the challenge, is out of the picture from his event.

Started as a joke (remember AIB’s ‘Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai’?) by Mehul Singh, a 22-year-old social media marketer, hadn’t expected his event to become reality. At this moment, around 400 people are ‘Interested’ in the Delhi event.

Asked if he has the necessary permission to host the event, Singh says, “We’ll ask Delhi police who are available on that time, but 15 minutes is enough for us for doing this event and I don’t think so Delhi Police will have a problem if we sing the song in Central Park.”

Keeping public safety in mind, Singh doesn’t want to break the traffic rules he adds.

“We do not wish to break any rules nor cause trouble to anyone. We’ll gather as friends, sing and leave.”

“We’ll just yell the song, and there won’t be any cars in our event because, you know, there’s so much traffic in Delhi, and the cops are really strict here. They’ll just issue us a challan.”

Does he expect a huge turnout? Singh is optimistic. “I’m expecting 50-70 people to show up. We still have 15 days to the event. So let’s see.”

If all goes well, Singh also plans to record and share the event from his Facebook page — Sach Kadwa Hai.

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Updated: August 4, 2018 — 12:15 pm

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