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This Country Has the Least Number of Toilets in the World, and It’s Not India

Ethiopians are less likely than anyone else on Earth to have access to a decent toilet, a new study said Friday. Charity WaterAid found Ethiopia leads the world in toilet scarcity with 93 percent of Africa’s second-most populous country lacking a safe lavatory.Instead people must defecate in the open or unsafe latrines, aiding the spread […]

Why WWE Can’t Seem to Shake the Shadow of Brock Lesnar

Survivor Series approaches this weekend, and with it, an air of expectation. Whenever the two main roster brands of WWE do battle, you can never really tell how the chips will fall. WWE has vested interests in the top stars of both Raw and SmackDown Live. As such, having one beat another in an inter-brand […]

Maratha quota row: Reservation unwarranted; several past panels concluded community is not ‘backward’

Recently, the Maharashtra State Backward Class Commission recommended 16 percent reservation to Marathas in addition to the existing 52 percent reservation for other backward classes (OBCs). It is expected that the reservation Bill for Marathas will be passed in the Winter Session of the Maharashtra state Assembly. It is worth exploring whether the proposed reservation for Marathas […]

Alyque Padamsee, Ad Man & Thespian, Passes Away at 90; PM Modi and Nation Mourn

Indian advertising’s eminence grise, Alyque Padmasee, passed away today, at the age of 90. Considered by many to be the father of Indian advertising, Padmasee crafted some of the country’s most iconic commercials, jingles, and characters, from the Kamasutra campaign to the Liril girl to Hamara Bajaj. Lintas, the ad agency he founded, was a […]

Sorry Paparazzi, You Worked Hard But #DeepVeer’s Inner Circle Won 

The privilege of proximity to Deepika and Ranveer, our beautiful power couple, put paparazzi in the shadows. It is no longer worth it to spend hours waiting to capture your golden photograph, when those closest to the couple in the hallowed circle of privilege – stylists, photographers, the ones who do not leak but withhold […]

Sabarimala row: Trupti Desai’s attempt to enter temple indeed a ‘grave provocation’, but only to status quo

By Nisha Susan I read Sreemoy Talukdar’s essay in Firstpost on Trupti Desai’s entry into the Sabarimala fray and nodded several times. The first sentence, for instance: “Activist Trupti Desai has added more spark to the Sabarimala powder keg.” From the minute that Trupti Desai first entered the public eye, only such incendiary terms have […]

From Liril Girl to MRF Man, Alyque Padmasee Created the Indian Commercial. These Classic Ads Show Why

In 1982, when the whole of India got its first taste of Television with Doordarshan’s debut national broadcast, the visual medium was a blank canvas. Propped up by government sponsorship, the first programs beamed on TV sets large and small in cities and villages across the country had a definite nationalist bend to them. Sporting […]

Why Cycling To Work In Delhi Is Not A Good Idea

You have got to be plain crazy or borderline suicidal to cycle in Delhi around Diwali time, with the pollution levels being what they are. Yet, measures to control pollution have had very little effect. One of the suggestions is to ditch cars in favour of bicycles. But here’s why that’s not a great idea […]

In Maharashtra’s Ambap village, a couple with polio defied odds to set up a model farm

“My hands have become like my legs [sic],” says 36-year-old Shivaji Suryawanshi as he picks up a sickle. His wife Geetanjali, 32, proudly says, “We don’t need any help in farming.” In Ambap village in Hatkanangle taluka of Kolhapur district in Maharashtra, the villagers look at their achievement as an inspirational story. Every time the Suryawanshi […]

Record-breaking Giant Postcard on Alps Sends Out Message Against Climate Change

A massive collage of 125,000 drawings and messages from children around the world about climate change was rolled out on a shrinking Swiss glacier Friday, smashing the world record for giant postcards. The mosaic of postcards, measuring 2,500 square metres (26,910 square feet), was laid out in the snow on the Aletsch glacier in the […]

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