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9-Year-Old Girl Who Donated All Her Piggy Bank Savings to Help Kerala Gets a Surprise

At a time when every little contribution made to flood-hit Kerala makes a difference, a 9-year-old kid’s thoughtful gesture to help the affected has become the face of solidarity during the crisis.

Hailing from Villupuram, Tamil Nadu, Anupriya had reportedly been saving money in her piggy bank for 4 years to gift herself a bicycle.

But after seeing the visuals of catastrophe in Kerala due to rains and floods, she decided to put her savings to the greater good. <!–

–> “I had saved money for over four years to buy a cycle. But I saw visuals of Kerala flood on televisions and decided to give the money,” Anupriya told PTI. anupriya news18

anupriya news18 piggy bank

(News18 Tamil)

Her contribution was first brought to light by a Twitter user @Ethirajans.

“Kid, Anupriya from Vizhuppuram, TN, donates Rs. 9,000, her 4 years Piggy Bank savings, that she saved to buy a bicycle, towards #KeralaFloodRelief. @narendramodi @HMOIndia @CMOTamilNadu.”

Her generosity won everyone’s hearts on the microblogging site after @Ethirajans’s tweet went viral with over 2K retweets in 2 days.

Bicycle manufacturer Hero Cycles was quick to notice her gesture and decided to surprise her. In their tweet posted from the official account, Hero Cycles appreciated her “gesture to support humanity” and promised her a brand new cycle.

“Dear Anupriya, We appreciate your gesture to support humanity in the hour of need. You would get a brand new cycle from us. Please DM your address or contact us at customer@herocycles.com.”

Chairman and Managing Director of Hero Motors Company, Pankaj M Munjal, lauded Anupriya, calling her a noble soul and assured to give her one cycle every year for the rest of her life.

“Anupriya, parnam to you. You are a noble soul and wish you spread the good around. Hero is too pleased to give you one bike every year of your life. Pl share your contact on my account. Love you and best wishes. Prayers for Kerala,” the chairman wrote.

Congress MP from Kerala, Shashi Tharoor, in a tweet hailed the company’s move.

“Thanks to HeroCycles for donating a bicycle to a 9-year-old girl who gave up all that she was saving for a cycle to help the victims of the #KeralaFloods,” Tharoor tweeted. @Ethirajans, who played the messenger’s role also shared Anupriya’s photo with her brand new bicycle.

The Twitter user also informed that the chairman had offered to give back the 9000 rupees to Anupriya which she had saved up, but her father reportedly refused to accept it.

“Besides a brand new bike, @PankajMMunjal has offered to give Rs 9,000 to Anupriya that she donated to #KeralaFloodRelief, which her father reportedly refused to accept and made an appeal to all PARENTS to encourage SAVINGS habit in their kids. @Hero_Cycles.”

Twitter was all praises of Anupriya’s big-hearted contribution.

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Updated: August 21, 2018 — 7:22 am
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