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This job requires simple english typing skills and ability to read english correctly. You will be provided scanned images of the pages of books, from International Libraries, for work and you have to type the content of those image files as it is without any changes.

The content will be simple running english text matter without any figures, diagrams, graphs or mathematical or chemical equations. You just have to read the matter from the image and type is in the space provided.



One project consist of 300 pages and maximum time to complete it is 30 days. After you have completed the project OR 30 days have been lapsed which ever is earlier, your work will be send for quality check. With in 7 to 10 days Quality Check Report will be displayed of your typing job. Depending on the Quality Check Report your payment will be released immediately.Payment will depend on the plan you selected and the number of errors found in your typing.


Quality Check Report

Quality check report is the detailed report where every thing that you have typed is displayed with the errors marked, Errors are counted on character basis. Means that in each word if you miss any character OR type any character extra which is not in the word Or type any other character instead of the character present on the image, it will count as a error. Each error will deduct Rs20/= from your payment.



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