Earn Upto $0.02 (Rs. 1/=) for every profile view you get.

Google and Facebook are the most common social networking sites. We need hundreds of home based computer operators who can work on internet to promote our website and earn.

You will be provided a link that you will have to promote on various facebook public groups and google plus communities or any other websites. You will get $0.02 (Rs.1/-) when ever any one click on the link you shared.

You can earn unlimited without any limits and get the other jobs which require activation charges.

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You will download an image (scanned copy of a page of a book) in Jpg format. You have to open that image and type the running english text matter displayed in the image in Ms Word without any changes and corrections and upload it.

After successfully uploading the word file you can download another image and continue your work. There is no binding for time limit. When ever you have free time you can work.

Once you have completed 100 Pages (No matter in how many days) the Quality Check report of your typing will be displayed to you with in 24 to 48 hours and the payment depending upon the QC Report will be credited to your account which you can redeem any time as per the rules.

You will be paid $100 USD (Rs.5000/= INR) for typing 100 pages, if no typo errors found, In case of errors $0.04 USD (Rs.20/= INR) per error will be deducted as penalty and the balance will be immediately credited to you account.

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We need hundreds of home based computer operators who can work on facebook to promote our clients website. you can earn Thousands per month by easily posting the provided promotional matter on facebook groups.

You will be provided a promotional matter of any website or blog, You just have to copy that matter and post it on any of the face book open group. For verification you will have to submit the Permalink of that posting back on our website in the provided text box.

You will get $0.02 (Rs.1/-) for every posting that is verified. The amount will be immediately credited to your account which you can redeem any time as per the rules.

To activate earn 5000 Profile Views

Google is the most popular search engine. Almost every internet user uses google to get any information from internet. And the information is provided on the internet on any website or blog where a user reaches through google.

Google pays millions of dollars every month to blog writers through its feature named Adsense. You can get every information about google adsense on internet. You also can be one of them to whome google is paying every month.

We will make a website(blog) with the domain name of your choice and provide you with support and guidance so that you are able to earn upto $200 to $500 every month from google. To know more about google adsense search the keyword "Google Adsense" on google.